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Men's Haircut & Grooming

Men's Haircut & Grooming

Ranging from traditional services like a classic hair cut, a simple shave or a beard trim, men’s grooming services at Why2Wait are delivered with a contemporary twist in a state-of-art salon set-up with reclining stations that are extremely comfortable and relaxing.

Our men’s Grooming service offering has everything you need for creating a whole new look, be it giving you a new hairstyle, a good facial, changing your beard style or adding a dash of color to complete the makeover. If you like it simple, we have our regular shave, beard trimming, and styling services as well. Our experts will hear from you and give you a makeover that will suit you the most.


How to hire a professional?

You just need to go on the Why2Wait website and go to the Services tab, at the right-hand side you may see many options. Select the "Makeup, Beauty & Spa" and then click Men's Haircut & Grooming. A pop-up tab will open up wherein you will need to fill in the details according to your requirements. Questions such as what kind of service is required –Haircut, Beard Grooming, Facial, Hair Styling or Coloring, etc. compromise the questionnaire. Once your request is uploaded on the portal, a professional will be at your doorstep at your requested time and location.

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