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Washing Machine Repair

A washing machine is an essential home appliance and keeps our clothes clean and tidy without extra effort. If your washing machine is not working, it will put all your laundry activities to a halt. Most of the problems related to washing machine drains are simple and can be easily fixed. When diagnosing washing machine drainage problems, make sure the drain hose shows no signs of cracks.

If your washing machine is making too much noise, you can resolve it by placing it in firm contact with the floor and rest it on a completely even surface. If it doesn't work, book the best Pros now with Why2Wait! 

You rely on your clothes dryer to give you clean and dry clothes on a regular basis. You may be able to troubleshoot the cause but getting it up and running may require the expertise of dryer repair professionals.

Got a Washing machine with the tub not spinning or spinning slowly? The possible reasons are lid switch damage, broken drive belt, faulty door interlock, faulty spin bearing, and gearbox assembly problem.


How to hire a professional?

Just go to the Why2Wait website and search ‘Washing Machine repair’ in the search bar. A short questionnaire will pop up asking you the details of the service. Fill the questionnaire step by step to get your request uploaded on the portal. You will be asked the details of the refrigerator such as brand, double door or single door, your location and preferred time. A professional will be at your service at your given time and location.

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